Rower Vs Treadmill: How they measure up?

Running is often the go to exercise especially for the beginners or the people looking to shed weight quickly but while running does help burn of a few calories it doesn’t workout the entire body like a rower would.

Whether a rower or a treadmill is ideal for home use is often a burning question for newbies. So we decided to make the choice simpler by comparing a few factors that actually matter.

Quality of the workout

No doubt, treadmills and rowers both are excellent cardio machines that help lower heart-related issues, help build stamina and endurance, aid weight loss, lower stress etc. but rowers are more efficient.

That’s mainly because rowers engage more muscles than a treadmill. Your shoulders, back, abs etc. all play an important role in completing a stroke whereas with treadmills your lower body remains the focus.

Yes, treadmills are better calorie burners but a rower will tone both your upper as well as lower body. It also raises metabolism rate for a longer duration than a treadmill.

Effect on the body

Running, most experts will tell you is a weight-bearing exercise i.e. a lot of the pressure is placed on vulnerable joints such as your knees and ankles. While running you put about 5 times the pressure on your joints which in turn weakens them and creates long term issues.

Rowing as you may have read or heard is a low impact workout i.e. less pressure is applied on your joints thus providing a far more relaxing and comfortable workout. This feature makes the rower ideal for both elders and children alike. It’s also the perfect workout for those athletes recovering from serious injuries or for people recovering from knee or ankle surgeries.

Value for money

Cost of an equipment has a significant bearing on any buying decision and getting the best bang for your buck is the ultimate goal and while running on the sidewalks or a park is absolutely free, a treadmill isn’t and while both have high-end and budget models, the rower definitely is our pick.

The rower offers value for money simply because of it’s effectiveness. With the rower you can enjoy a full body workout from the comfort of your home, even your old parents or children use it and it tones your muscles too. Also, personally I find rowing, especially on a WaterRower far more fun and interesting than using a treadmill. HomeGuyd has written a featured guide covering rowing machine reviews for every budget and use-case.

Perfect for home use

Apart form being safe for everyone, another reason a rower is perfect for home use is because of the size difference. Treadmills are large and bulky and thus difficult to move around.

Rower are compact and can be folded and put away when not in use. Also, WaterRowers are made of natural wood and believe it or not can add to your interior décor if placed right.

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